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Definition of an ISBN Number Most books have a 10 or 13 digit number, which is usually  found on the back cover or inside the front cover. Occasionally, ISBN numbers can end with an X.  If your book is missing a barcode or if the barcode is covered, the ISBN is usually found on the inside of the front title page which usually also contains publisher information.

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Here are reason to give the opportunity to buy your textbooks back
  • 1We buy year round! You won’t have to worry about being able to find a buyer, whether it’s during buyback season (where you’ll often get less) or when it’s not buy back season. The “buyer period” often lasts only 2-3 weeks with many bookstores
  • 2We pay you through PayPal or mail a check/money order within 24 hours of shipping, NOT after we receive them! Cash, not bookstore credit.We buy in bulk, meaning you’re not taking the risk of finding a buyer for each book, but we assume the risk instead. You sell them faster and don’t have to sell them in “pieces” or one at a time, while values can quickly drop you hold them for extended periods of time
  • 3We buy many textbooks that bookstores won’t buy back, giving you something rather than nothing for your books. Looseleaf textbooks are prime examples!Since we resell to a very large market and to students from many different colleges, we can buy textbooks that are several editions old and as early as 2005!


 by Jenny Ocampo on Blank Product Name
Sep 18, 2016
Highly recommend! Received quote for books within two days and then shipping label was promptly emailed to me. Brought to local ups and I only had to pay for packaging which I allowed the store to do it all and it was only $7.00 for my package of 9 books. You can package yourself but it is just as cheap to get them to do it there and it is done securely. Within 10 minutes of emailing a pic of the drop off package receipt the money was deposited into my PayPal account. Very fast and reliable service. Mr. Haddle was very easy to work with.

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THE text book will accept either the 10- digit or 13-digit ISBN. Enter the ISBN of the books you want to sell, with or with out the dashes. Make sure to include the leading zeros. Click here to get a quote!
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