Buyback Process

College Textbooks and The Buyback Process

Everyone knows college tuition rises faster than the rate of inflation. To make matters worse and add insult to injury, textbooks prices are exorbitant! Then at the end of the semester, the bookstore gives students pennies on the dollar for their books! Not to mention many of them don’t pay cash and only store credit to buy more of their EXPENSIVE, overpriced books! In addition, many bookstores refuse to buyback certain books and students get stuck with them.

How the Buyback price is Determined

Before buying back a used textbook, the bookstore has to check if the newer version is available. If there is a newer edition, that usually means the bookstore won’t buy back an older version. If the edition is current and they do offer to buy it back, bookstores typically have a limit on the number of copies acquired. The “buyback period” often lasts only 2-3 weeks. After that, the bookstores won’t buy back until the end of the semester. By then, many books that could have been bought back earlier that same semester have dropped further in value due to less demand or a new edition is released, making them virtually worthless

Top 10 reasons you want to sell your textbooks

(this applies not only to students, but anyone who has acquired, has access to textbooks, or knows someone who wants to sell textbooks!)
  • 1.You’re strapped for cash and need money to buy books for the current or upcoming semester (or other financial reason)
  • 2.You dropped a class and the bookstore won’t refund your money since the return window has passed
  • 3.You bought the wrong book needed for the class and the bookstore won’t buy it back since the return window has passed
  • 4.You want to sell your books in bulk (more than 1) vs. trying to sell all 5, 10, 15, etc in pieces, in hopes that you MIGHT find a buyer before they drop even further in value
  • 5.You have a pile of textbooks you no longer want and you’re tired of looking at them. Maybe they’re just in your way and you want to free up space and declutter.
  • 6.You’re moving and don’t have space to haul them or store them, nor do you want to pay to have them moved through a moving company
  • 7.You are closing a store and need to liquidate your assets
  • 8.You are preparing for an estate sale.
  • 9.You clean out foreclosed homes, purchase storage units and need to liquidate the contents and come across textbooks frequently
  • 10.You are a professor or who gets lots of sample books, or you know someone who is.

Why should I sell my textbooks to

Here are reasons to give the opportunity to buy your textbooks back.
  • 1.We buy year round! You won’t have to worry about being able to find a buyer, whether it’s during buyback season (where you’ll often get less) or when it’s not buy back season. The “buyback period” often lasts only 2-3 weeks with many bookstores
  • 2.We pay you through Paypal or mail a check/money order within 24 hours of shipping. Cash, not bookstore credit
  • 3.We feel our pricing is competitive, along with our response time and faster payout. The fact we’re a small operation (just my wife Angie and I) allows us to provide more personalized service, which is another way we add value.
  • 4.We buy many textbooks that bookstores won’t buy back, giving you something rather than nothing for your books.
  • 5.We buy in bulk, meaning you’re not taking the risk of finding a buyer for each book, but we assume the risk instead. You sell them faster and don’t have to sell them in “pieces” or one at a time, while values can quickly drop you hold them for extended periods of time
  • 6.Since we resell to a very large market and to students from many different colleges, we can buy textbooks that are several editions old and as early as 2005!
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