Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get payment?

A: We will pay you via PayPal immediately after proof of shipment or mail you a check  

Q: What is Paypal and how do you use it??

A: We strongly encourage you to choose PayPal, as it is fast, more convenient than a check and secure way to receive money electronically. You can then transfer the money to a regular bank account or keep the money in your PayPal account. The only thing we need to send you money via PayPal is your email address. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, PayPal’s website will direct you on how to set one up. From PayPal’s website: “With more than 40 million member accounts in over 45 countries worldwide, PayPal is the world’s largest online payment service. PayPal makes sending money as easy as sending email! Any PayPal member can instantly and securely send money to anyone in the U.S. with an email address.”  


Q: Who pays for Shipping?

A: We do! After you accept our via email reply, you provide your return mailing address. We then email you a prepaid UPS label (or multiple labels if the books require multiple boxes). You simply print, box, label and drop off at your local UPS store, schedule a UPS pickup, hand directly to a UPS driver. NOTE: Please request a pickup receipt (from a driver after a pickup) or a drop off receipt (From the UPS store or UPS hub customer counter), in the event a claim needs to be filed (due to damage in transit, lost shipment, etc)  

Q: What if I am unable to print from my computer or someone else’s computer.

A: If you are unable print your labels, we can mail your shipping labels to you.  

Q: What if I want to ship my items through a different carrier?

A: We only use UPS since the rates we get are far less than other shipping carriers  

Q: Should I pay for insurance on my package of books?

A:Insurance is included with our pre-paid shipping labels up to $100 dollars.  

Q: How do you want the books packaged and shipped?

A: To ensure that books are not damaged please follow these guidelines:
  • Use a sturdy box. Thin boxes (e.g., cereal boxes) will not protect your books in shipment.
  • Do not use packing peanuts for packing material. Packing peanuts shift during transit, damage pages and often become crushed by the weight of the books during shipment!
  • Choose the right size of box. Huge boxes of books nearly always result in damaged books
  • Use wadded up newspaper to fill gaps. Newspaper can be wadded up tightly and provide protection

Q: How long do I have to ship the books after receiving shipping labels?

A: We request that you ship your books to us as soon as possible since we have already paid for the freight when we email the UPS shipping labels. The faster you ship, the faster you get paid! If you need to ship your books more than 5 days after you receive labels, please contact us. Otherwise, if we don’t hear from you 5 days after emailing you the shipping labels, we consider the order cancelled

Q: Where can I obtain a box or boxes?

A: You can purchase a new box from a store, or get a used box for free. Here are a few of many places where you can get free boxes:
  1. Your local supermarket – find out when they get new deliveries and asked them to hold a few for you
  2. Contact other retail stores and ask them to hold them

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